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Only a number of prime listings in the area are featured on our website, selected from our full range of approved properties. In order to provide maximum privacy and customer guarantees, compete legal and technical documentation for each of our properties is available at our offices.


All our property listings include the energy class (Class A - Class G) and the energy efficiency rating (I.P.E. / E.P.I.) assigned to the building according to both national and regional legal standards. This allows our customers understand, through a simple calculation, the potential energy costs of a property.   According to regulation nr. 63, 04/06/2013 a property can not be advertised in the case where we have not yet been provided with the official energy certification of the building.


Please contact us for a professional consultation if you are considering selling, exchanging or renting a property or wish to divest a business.


Trust in the professionalism, commitment  and expertise of the Spazio Casa team.

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